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  • Laser Hair Removal Specials

    Buy a Medium or Large area package and get a small area package free! (expires 8/31/2017)


    A Package of 6 of a Small Area  $350

    A Package of 6 of a Medium Area $500

    A Package of 6 of a Large Area $799


    Small Area:  Lip, Chin, Ears, Fingers, Toes, Bikini Line, Naval Line, Nose, Mid-Brow, Side Burns, underarms

    Medium Area:  Neck, Face, Abdomen, Feet, Knees, upper legs, lower legs, Brazilian (female only), Hairline, lower or upper arms, shoulders

    Large Area: Full legs, Full back (exc. shoulder), upper or lower back (male), Chest, Full Arms, inner or outer thighs, man’s beard, Chest & stomach, scalp (male), Full Buttocks